Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Heart Macro - To The Front Entrance

On my way into my office building this morning I decided to take a few pictures. On the way out this afternoon I took a few more.

I just thought that there was something interesting about this dead leaf lying on the walk way.  The cement has a cool patina to it as well.

Another dead leaf I guess these are the first signs that the seasons are about to change, yea!!

I was about to go in the door when I looked over and saw these roses so I still had my camera in my hand and I took a couple shots.  It is still dark when I go into work I did not have the flash on but there was enough light from the walk way to be able to see the roses.

Leaving work this afternoon I took some more pictures.  Here is a pretty yellow flower with a tiny bee collecting nectar.

I like the contrast of the light purple on the top of the leaf and the darker purple on the bottom of the leaf.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my picture as much as I enjoyed taking them. Now head on over to Studio Waterstone to see the other I Heart Macro shots.

Happy beading Y'all


  1. pretty shots Therese....I was thinking fall is in the air until I saw the pretty and cheery yellow flower...

  2. Yup in about another month all we will be seeing is dead leaves. Fall is my favorite time of year though, even though it brings in Winter. The purple leaves are wonderful.

  3. Those leaves are really cool. I'm a big fan of the rustic-ness of that first one! Great job Therese.

  4. I love the purple one! What a great shot. So beautiful!

  5. Very pretty! I'm with you on the season change, bring it on! I was laughing, it probably took you hours to get to and from work!

  6. Beautiful macros. The leaves on the cement look very cool! I too am looking forward to fall and its rich colors! ~Val

  7. Looks like it's almost fall. I love your pictures Therese, and I am glad you are participating in my give away. Thank you:))))

  8. I love the first leaf, it looks like copper and the colors on the last leaf is so pretty!