Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Heart Macro - Texture

Well it's Sunday and you know what that means, yes I Heart Macro!  I took a walk around the yard and took a few pictures.  Here is what I found interesting...

A lava rock

A broken cement block

A mortar line between the bricks

Crazy lace agate (this was not found in the yard)

I hope you enjoyed viewing my macro shots as much as I enjoyed taking them. To see more I Heart Macro shots head on over to Studio Waterstone and see what others have to share.

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Therese, You captured such wonderful textures and patterns in your photos! I just love the photo of the mortar between the bricks! Great job!

  2. These are great shots! The textures are amazing.

  3. oh Therese, great texture shots, what wonderful the lava rock.....

  4. Interesting texture treasures in your is amazing what you find when you start looking on the hunt for I Heart macro!

  5. Wow - love all of the shots you took! The texture of each one is fantastic!

  6. Wow, these are really great! Just goes to show me that when I'm walking around thinking I can't find anything to photograph, great shots are right there in front of me.

  7. Texture INDEED! Therese, these are really great shots. You really did find some great subjects, as simple as they are, your use of Macro really makes them shine!

  8. Hi,Therese:-)
    I love the 'macro-shots'. Sometimes my Husband makes such trick ,taking photos of my beading,but I do not allow Him so much,the reason is simple all the THREADS are seen too much :-)lol
    YOur 'macro-shots' are so pretty,that really have impressed me.Sometimes the very usual object,when zoomed,can change into incredible and unrepeatable ones.The camera sees more and it's also more fragile,than people's eyes,which can cheat with illusion.Here,You cannot hide anything,but thanks to this-the objects can seem to be more pretty,than they really are in their every-day existence.
    Perfect shots! - Congrats!
    Best Greetings -Halinka-

  9. I love the shot of the mortar line between the bricks. As a fan of funny commercials though, I was sort of expecting to see a macro, mud-laden person waiting for the appropriate Swiffer product to come along . . . =D

    Beautiful pics as always, Therese!

  10. Great shots! You make it look so easy! I really like the crazy lace agate.

  11. mmmm, lots of texture ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  12. Great macros!!! Crazy lace agate always has such amazing markings! ~Val

  13. I love textures one finds in nature, and I suppose in man made nature as well. Great pics Therese.
    By the way Lady, You won my give away:)) Can You shoot me you address?

  14. I would have gotten REALLY excited if I found the agate in my yard!!!!!! Love all this texture!