Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Because!

Do you ever do things just because?  Maybe it's just because someone has inspired you to do something you would not have done if it was not for that person.  Or maybe you love someone so much you just want to do some little thing for them that you know will let that person know just how much they are loved.  Do you pay attention to the little details, that most people over look?  You maybe asking yourself, just what are you getting at Therese?  Well I had a very and I mean very special surprise arrive in the mail today.  I had no idea who sent me a card from another country until I opened it and saw what was inside.  I was amazed and tears came to my eyes when I read the dear sweet note explaining the gift.  I have gushed thanks upon this person till I think that she is tired of hearing it. LOL!  Would you like to see what my surprise was?  Duh, well of course you do!

Aren't they gorgeous?  The person that made these beauties custom made them for me by paying attention to the little details.  She knew that Citrine is my birthstone and that I was having a creativity block so she used the Carnelian to promote creativity.  She made the Helm Chain special too.  I wore these tonight when I went to dinner with my Brother and his wife.  My sister-in-law just could not get over the bracelet, she was totally fascinated with it.  I also need to say that my bead soup partner Lola was in on this surprise. Boy I know now if I want to tell her a secret she will keep it! 

What about y'all have you done something special for someone just because, or have been the recipient of a just because?

I will now be thinking of a way to pay this kindness forward, just because!

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Therese that is so awesome!! I'm sure with these your creativity will spring forth! I was the recipient of a really sweet package way back in the earlier days of my project. I met a woman through her blog, which is not even about beading!, and one day she said she was clearing clutter and used to bead and wanted to send me all her beads! I was floored! Same as you, I cried and we have remained friends online ever since. A few months later when my beading skills had improved greatly, I made her a necklace that I thought portrayed the name of her blog. I loved doing it and she seemed to like it too!

  2. these are beautiful!!! a surprise package in the mail goes a long way to lift up the spirits. the bracelet is something i would never take off! and the earrings---i LOVE anything carnelian, so they are awesome!
    i read a book of short stories by rosanne cash years ago and read it again last year. when i was done, i wanted 2 women to read it. i couldn't get them out of my mind when i was reading it. one of the women i know in person. the other i only know via facebook. i never mentioned the book to them. the book was out of print but the indie book store we used to have hunted down 2 copies and i sent them out :-)
    "just because" is the best reason to do something. just because it truly comes from the heart and not the calendar.

  3. What a lovely surprise for you Therese - if only there were only more random acts of kindness in the world today...

  4. What a beautiful random act of kindness! You're a delightfully kind person and I totally get why someone would want to do that for you! Enjoy!