Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Creative Continuum of Seven Artist - April Challenge - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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Hi Y'all,

Well it is April 26th and this time around in the CC7A challenge it is my month.  Here is a small recap about this challenge...
Back in the latter months of 2013 Alicia Marinache of All the Pretty Things blog asked seven of her blog friends if we would like to participate in a challenge that would cover 7 months, of course we all said yes. So we were assigned months, we picked themes for our months, and shipped out packages with all sorts of little goodies to design with.

The theme I chose for my month is "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". Why you ask? Well simple really, April's birthstone is a diamond and the Beatles's song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" kept playing over and over in my head.  If you are not familiar with the song you can listen to it here

This is what I sent to my six other CC7A participants.

This is what I created with my package that I kept for myself.

I beaded around my cab with blue iris size 11 Delicas and size 15 round seed beads I had some black small roundels in my stash that I beaded around the cab. I brick stitched silver lined clear size 8 seed beads around the outer edge of the cab and added 3 mm blue crystals and picot with size 15 silver lined clear seed beads. The neck strap is done in CRAW with size 8 blue and down the front center I used clear 3mm bicones.  I did not have enough of the blue seed beads to keep going so on the ends I used the silver lined clear seed beads and made a toggle clasp with them as well.  To give the necklace more length and to use some of the other beads in the package and connected the cab to the neck strap.  I laid the cab on it's side to represent the line in the song "The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes"

Thank you Alicia for giving me April, this month holds a lot of sentimental value to me. Thank you to all of you for stopping by, now please go visit the other CC7A bunch.  Next month will be Alicia's month so be sure to come back to see what we have created with what Alicia sent to us.

1. Monique
3. Sally
4. Therese (you are here)
5. Alicia
6. Cynthia
7. Emma

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Wow, Therese! This is so beautiful! I love your cabs and your bead choices pull the colors out so well. This is just fantastic! I love the CRAW necklace.

  2. Awesome necklace Therese. I like how you referenced the song.

  3. Oh my - this is just beautiful! You are so freaking talented!!!! Now I will be singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...all day long! :) Love that song!

  4. I know I will be amazed every time I visit, Therese! You have designed another awesome piece :) The black beads in your bezel really make the cab colours pop so it looks 3D :) Gorgeous beadwork

  5. Therese, thank you for sharing more of your beautiful, amazing work! I so enjoyed working with your cab - they are so rich and deep with color! And the one you have here is stunning! I love that it represents a kaleidoscope eye - how freak'n cool is that?! I love your bead work, and it just so perfectly pulls out the colors in the cab ... and I like that the necklace switches colors. I would never have known you didn't mean to do that (v. running out of blue beads - ha!). It is one more stunning necklace!

  6. Rope, Cabs, Embroidery ~ all your strengths rolled into one glorious necklace! Strong. Substantial. And a wee bit trippy. Thank you Therese, for the goods you provided us with this month. Keep making those cabs ~ you are so good at them!!!

  7. The colours are beautiful and you have created a beautiful piece of jewellery from this selection of beads.
    The dicroic glass cabochon is stunning and you have complimented this perfectly with your choice of beads and this has been framed perfectly and sits beautifully as the centre piece for the handmade necklace designs, stunning jewellery!!!!!!!!

  8. My computer is playing tricks on me, Therese :( I meant to write "Gorgeous beadwork as always!"

  9. Therese, your necklace really shines likes diamonds in the sky!! the cab is beautiful itself and you made it shine even more!

  10. Oh wow! That bezel is so gorgeous, what stunning detail. Your stitching is always so perfectly symmetrical it is such a delight. I love the textures the different techniques bring and boy, if ever there was a kaleidoscope eye. Thank you so much for your inspiration and treasures this month, what a joy to work with

  11. Therese, as always your beadwork is GORGEOUS and you always inspires me in my own designs to push those tiny beads to the next level! Amazing work!!!
    I also want to THANK YOU, the cab and beads you sent me kicked my creativity into high gear, thank you for the wonderful creative sparks!!!

  12. And now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day! :P It is a fun theme though.

    Your necklace is so great. All the time you put into seed beading really shows.