Monday, April 14, 2014

Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop - hosted by Tanya Goodwin

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Hi Y'all,

Today is the reveal day for the Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop Challenge hosted by Tanya Goodwin of A Work In Progress blog.  Tanya was giving away five nine inch pieces of shibori ribbon for a challenge, but I missed out on the drawing, Tanya said if I had my own shibori ribbon  I could participate in the blog hop.

I have never done anything with shibori ribbon, but I have been drooling over all the beautiful designs and creations I have been seeing on Facebook and Pintrest.  I ordered some of the ribbon from AriaDesignStudio on Etsy with the full intentions of making a cuff, well that did not happen.  So I was so happy when Tanya included me in to her blog hop, because now I had to do something with the ribbon.

Well inspiration did not come easily to me for this challenge, until the other day when I was on Facebook and I saw a simple design and I thought yeah I can do something like that.  So lucky for me I had this weekend off from work, because Tanya sent out an email with the reveal date reminder and I was thinking I had until the 16th.  So I got busy with my design and here is what it turned out to be.

I cut a 3 1/2 inch square out of bead backing and covered it with the ribbon.  I cinched the ribbon in the middle and fanned the ends out.  I had the Czech glass button for a few years now and thought it would be great as the focal in my piece.  I wanted to keep it simple so other then the bezel of seed beads around the button I used 4 mm fire polished Czech beads to embellish and then size 8 silver lined clear seed beads for the brick stitch around the out side of the piece and the bail. I had a silk ribbon string that matched my piece so I used it for the neck strap.

Things I learned from using the shibori ribbon: 
1- it snags very easily 
2- don't pull it to taunt if you want the pleats to show 
3- tack it down when you get the look that you want.  
It would have also helped if I had another hand to hold the ribbon in place while I tacked it down LOL!

Thank you Tanya for allowing me to participate in the blog hop it was fun playing with my ribbon, I will be using shibori ribbon again.

Now please go by and see what the others have done with their ribbon.

Tanya   (our host)
Therese  (you are here)


  1. I love your pendant, Therese! It's really beautiful and I love the colors. That button is beautiful!

  2. Love the pendant Therese and yes, Shibori can be stubborn at best but I do love the texture and depth not to mention all of the colors it presents.

  3. This is a real beauty Therese! You took two very commanding focals ~ the shibori and the button ~ and gave them just the small support they needed and it came together SO beautifully! This one is going to get A LOT of compliments when it is worn!!!

  4. You have proven that less is definitely more, Therese :) Beautiful effect of the button like a setting sun casting rays outward. I especially love the fact that you used another ribbon which gives the piece wonderful balance. I agree, this was a learning process working with a new component, but I think I am ready for more :)

  5. You chose well, Therese. The ribbon itself is so luxurious, that a simple treatment serves it well. I agree with Christine, prepare to turn heads when you wear this one!! And how fabulous was that choice of clear sead beads - sparkling with all the colors they pick up from the ribbon.

  6. That is gorgeous! I love the contrast of the circle button on the square background. The ribbon is lovely and I love how the colors peek out from the pleats and folds. I love the ribbon you used as the neckstrap as well.

    I agree about sometimes needing an extra hand. The ribbon sometimes has a mind of its own.

    Thank you so much for playing!

  7. Wow - love how you nestled your button into the ribbon. Really beautiful piece that shows off the ribbon! I've been afraid to use it, but now I can keep it in the back of my mind as a possibility. I do love the folds and those colors!

  8. What an elegant and beautiful necklace you made. Love how you fanned out the shibori ribbon from the center using the button and seed beads. So lovely.l also had snagging problems and wished for more hands. Using paper on the back helped make it less slippery but I did tack it down a bit first too!!

  9. Holy moly! Glad you weren't inspired right off, but waited for this one to come to you! How artistic AND I bet it feels great to wear! Love all the colors you've incorporated in your design and that additional ribbon for the neck! You never disappoint, Therese!

  10. P.S. Therese, I'm also admiring you display! Did you purchase this somewhere or "dress up" a black one with trim? It's so classy!

  11. Such rich and beautiful colors to your focal Therese! and I really like the ribbon for the necklace as well - gorgeous piece

  12. The Shibori and the Czech glass work beautifully together. Nicely done

  13. So complex and yet so simple. What a wonderful piece.

  14. I swear, I think you and Christine just enhance each other's creative juices! You both created wonderful unique designs with the ribbon!
    Your design is yummers (my original word), and shows off that beautiful ribbon to a tee!
    Awesome work as always, my friend!

  15. i am enjoying visiting all the sites and seeing what folks are doing with the ribbon i dye. so many things to wonder about! i like that you also shared what you learned about using it. it does help to moisturize your hands and to file any rough nails before working with it. i keep a nail file next to my handwork area.

  16. Therese, gorgeous work!!! I really love all the colors, it's apparent simplicity, but at the same time the richness! Beautiful piece, I'd love to wear it!

  17. THerese - I am so impressed by this piece!!! Looks like you learned a lot in the process... and you have a gorgeous necklace as a result!!